Extras for MODX Evolution


  • EditDocs

    EditDocs (module)

    Edit DB fields &TV, import, export, update from Excel

  • EvoBackup

    EvoBackup (module)

    Backup Evo files and compress into .zip for easy download

  • globalPlaseholders

    globalPlaseholders (module)


  • easyForm

    easyForm (module)

    visual creation and editing of simple forms-based eForm snippet

  • PackageManager

    PackageManager (module)

    Easy install extra packages for the MODX Evolution content management framework

  • MassiveMove

    MassiveMove (module)

    massive movement of documents

  • EasyAdvertising

    EasyAdvertising (module)

    module to manage advertising on the site

  • EasyPoll

    EasyPoll (module)

    Create Polls quickly and easily inside the CMS

  • JoCo

    JoCo (module)

    JoCo is a tool to manage and moderate comments created by Jot snippet

  • YAMS

    YAMS (module)

    is a highly configurable multilingual solution that doesn't require the user to maintain multiple document trees and which allows the user to work with existing document templates.

  • SypexDumper

    SypexDumper (module)

    Backup and Restore. Dumper is optimized to work with large databases, with data amounts of hundreds or thousands of megabytes.

  • Doc Finder

    Doc Finder (module)

    You just want to check all the documents, chunks or snippets of your site containing a specific text? And then replace that by another text? Then Doc Finder is for you.

  • EvoGallery

    EvoGallery (module)

    EvoGallery is a dynamic gallery extra for MODx Evolution. It allows you to quickly and easily create galleries of images by associating them with any page on your site.