Extras for MODX Evolution

For users

  • UserInfo

    UserInfo (snippet)

    get information about the user

  • Loginza

    Loginza (snippet)

    Log in via social networks. Uses in his work and snippet WebLogin

  • Personalize

    Personalize (snippet)

    Personalize snippet

  • MemberCheck

    MemberCheck (snippet)

    Show chunks based on a logged in Web User's group membership

  • Protect

    Protect (plugin)

    plug-in for page protection from unauthorized users

  • WebLogin

    WebLogin (snippet)

    Allows webusers to login to protected pages in the website, supporting multiple user groups

  • WebloginPE

    WebloginPE (snippet)

    WebLoginPE started off as a rewrite of the MODx weblogin snippet so I could make an AJAX login for my site. It has turned into a COMPLETE user management snippet.

  • JoCo

    JoCo (module)

    JoCo is a tool to manage and moderate comments created by Jot snippet

  • JotX

    JotX (snippet)

    Is a snippet for MODx and gives your site users the opportunity to enter feedback on your articles. Add comments to articles, create guestbooks